Otto C. W. Kong

Associate Professor

Otto C.W. Kong 江祖永

Office 辦公室  
Phone No. 電話
 +886-3-4227151 ext 65372 

Fundamental Theory Group 基礎理論研究室

Academic Qualifications 學 歷:

  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  北卡羅來納大學  博士  1997
  • M.A., Columbia University, New York  哥倫比亞大學  碩士  1992
  • M. Phil., University of Hong Kong  香港大學  碩士  1990
  • B.Sc.(Hons), University of Hong Kong  香港大學  學士  1985

Experience 經 歷:

  • Associate Professor, Department of Physics, NCU 2005 — 10
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, NCU 2001 — 05
  • Academia Sinica Postdoctal Fellow, Institute of Physics, AS 2001
  • Postdoctal Research Associate, Institute of Physics, AS 1999 — 2001
  • Postdoctal Research Associate, University of Rochester 1997 — 99

Promotion to full professorship was passed by the department at 2008, and passed by the department and the Colleges of Science at 2010. In the latter case, it was turned down at the University Senate level citing the marginally deficient formal teaching credit hour counts despite the fact that each of the years I took the full teaching load as assigned by the department, which was at the same level as most regular members of our department faculty, and supervised a good number of graduate student dissertation projects. (My research performance grades from individuals at the University Senate evaluation then were at 83-90%).

  • Research Areas 研究領域:

    • Quantum Relativity and Quantum Spacetime
    • Foundation of Quantum Mechanics and Noncommutative Physics
    • Group Theoretical Formulations of (Quantum) Dynamics
    • Noncommutative Geometry
    • (Super)symmetry and Symmetry Breakings in High Energy Physics
    • Modeling beyond Standard Model Physics

Research Project Grants 研究計畫:

Year 年度Project Grant 計畫名稱Duration 執行起訖
109Physics on Quantum Spacetime -- Particle Dynamics and Beyond2020/08/01~2022/2/28
107Relativity Symmetry Contraction and Quantum Spacetime II2018/08/01~2019/12/31
106 Relativity Symmetry Contraction and Quantum Spacetime2017/08/01~2018/07/31
105Symmetry Breaking and Symmetry Contraction2016/08/01~2017/07/31
102Beyond Standard Model Physics and Quantum Spacetime from a Symmetry Perspective2013/08/01~2016/07/31
99Two Main Fronts on Fundamental Theory2010/08/01~2013/07/31
96 Beyond Standard Model Physics --- Phenomenology and Modeling / Formulating Quantum Relativity2007/08/01~2010/08/31
93 Flavor and Higgs Physics beyond the Standard Model2004/08/01~2007/07/31
90Supersymmetry and Neutrino Physics 2001/08/01~2004/07/31
90Supersymmetry without R parity2001 (AS)

Selected Publications 研究著作選列:

Title 論文標題 Journal 出版期刊 Year 年度
Special Relativity and its Newtonian Limit from a Group Theoretical Perspective arXiv:2012.032542020
Noncommutative Coordinate Picture of the Quantum Phase SpaceChin. J. Phys. 71, 418 2021
Group Theoretical Approach to Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics with Lorentz Covariance and c to Infinity LimitSymmetry 13, 222021
The Noncommutative Values of Quantum Observables Chin. J. Phys. 69, 702021
A Geometric Picture of Quantum Mechanics with Noncommutative Values for Observables Results Phys. 19, 1036062020
Further Studies of the Supersymmetric NJL-type Model for a Real Superfield Composite Symmetry 12, 18182020
Analysis on Complete Set of Fock States with Explicit Wavefunctions for the Covariant Harmonic Oscillator Problem Symmetry 12, 39 2020
The Case for a Quantum Theory on a Hilbert Space with an Inner Product of Indefinite Signature J. High Energy Phys. Gravit. Cosmol. 6, 432020
Supersymmetric NJL-type Model for Spin-One Field as Component of a Real Superfield Composite Symmetry 11, 1507 2019
The First Physics Picture of Contractions from a Fundamental Quantum Relativity Symmetry Including All Known Relativity Symmetries, Classical and QuantumInt. J. Theor. Phys. 58, 1803 2019
Observables and Dynamics, Quantum to Classical, from a Relativity Symmetry and Noncommutative Geometric PerspectiveJ.High Energy Phys.Gravit.Cosmol. 52, 5532019
A Quantum Space behind Simple Quantum Mechanics Adv. High Energy Phys. 351, 4395918 2017
A Simple Model of Dynamical Supersymmetry BreakingarXiv:1507.0150142015
Ambiguities and Subtleties in Fermion Mass Terms in Practical Quantum Field Theory Ann. Phys. 348, 3152014
Dynamical Symmetry Breaking with Four-Superfield Interactions J. High Energy Phys. 1201, 1642012
Holomorphic Supersymmetric Nambu--Jona-Lasinio Model with Application to Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry BreakingPhys. Rev. D 81, 031701(R)2010
A Deformed Relativity with the Quantum hbarPhys. Lett. B 665, 582008
On Extended Electroweak Symmetries Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 20, 12952005
Little Higgs Model Completed with a Chiral Fermionic Sector Phys. Rev. D 70, 0750212004
R-parity Violating Contribution to Neutron EDM at One-loop Order Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 3932001
A Simple Phenomenological Parametrization of Supersymmetry without R-parity Phys. Lett. B 430, 2741998
The Three Families from SU(4)_A x SU(3)_C x SU(2)_L x U(1)_X SM-like Chiral Models Phys. Rev. D55, 3831997
Horizontal Symmetry for Quark and Squark Masses in Supersymmetric SU(5)Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 16991996